You may review the following video or read the Step by Step Instructions.  After watching this video, you will be able to successfully build your company profile in Symphony for the Polaris solicitation. The required URL for Polaris offerors is


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Step by Step Instructions


Step 1: The Company Overview

My Company is where you build your company asset library in advance of the submission period or in addition to it. The first screen is your Company Overview. The top of the screen will display your company name and Unique Entity Identifier (UEI, formerly DUNS as of April 1, 2022). The Company Overview provides a summary of your assets; such as Team Members, MRCLs, Projects/Past Performance, and Business Factors. Your company asset library is reusable across all of your proposal submissions.

My Company - Company Asset Overview

You add your key personnel such as your Contract Manager and Program Manager in your proposal submissions. The manager positions can be different for each pool submission so these options are located in the Proposal Contacts for your submission under the Dashboard. It is recommended you complete your company assets before applying for a pool. Changes can only be made to this data before the submission deadline. Any changes will reflect in all pool submissions unless the proposal is already submitted. Once the solicitation deadline is met, all assets are frozen. More information is found in the article How a Proposal works in Symphony for Polaris

Step 2: SAM Data

SAM data is pulled directly from your public SAM record. Symphony is using an API provided by SAM to collect your data. Out-of-date or incorrect data needs to be updated at and given 24-48 hours to reflect in their database. There are cases when the data returned has unexpected results. What you see on the Symphony assets screen is for display purposes only. Your SAM record is your official system of record. If your information is showing correctly in SAM, do not worry about any discrepancies from within Symphony.

Be advised the NAICS codes in your Reps and Certs need to match the NAICS codes referenced in the solicitation for the corresponding pool submission. You must update this data in SAM directly before it will be reflected in Symphony.

Symphony updates SAM data after submission. When the evaluators select your proposal submission for evaluation, we will update your SAM record. Unfortunately, SAM restricts the number of times we can access their data. As long as your SAM record is up-to-date, the evaluators will see the latest data in SAM. 

Step 3: Team Members

Team Members can be added and then viewed or removed as needed. Their business factors and documentation; which includes your team member agreements, can be entered in this section.  This is useful for adding different team members to specific pool submissions. For more information, please refer to the article How Team Members work in Symphony for Polaris. The steps to add team members are:

  1. Select +New Team Member
  2. Use the drop-down to select the type of Team Member
  3. Enter the Team Member's UEI (formerly DUNS)
  4. Lookup the Team Member
  5. Confirm the Team Member or Try Again
  6. Claim Business Factors
  7. Upload supporting documents
  8. Review the data
  9. Save and Complete

Step 4: MRCLs

MRCLs can be added and the type of relationship, as well as your MRCL agreements and other documents, can be entered here and then viewed or removed as needed.  This is useful for adding different MRCLs to specific pool submissions. Please review the How MRCL works in Symphony for Polaris article for more information. The steps to add MRCLs are:

  1. Select +New MRCL
  2. Use the drop-down to select the type(s) of MRCL
  3. Enter the MRCL's UEI (formerly DUNS) 
  4. Lookup the MRCL
  5. Confirm the MRCL or Try Again
  6. Upload supporting documents
  7. Review the data
  8. Save and Complete

Step 5: Projects and Past Performance

Projects/Past Performance can be added and then you can view, edit or delete projects as needed. A project is defined by its title, contract number, and Prime Contractor. Complete the core details about the project. For more information, please refer to the article How Projects work in Symphony for Polaris. The steps to add Projects/Past Performance are:

  1. Select New Project Experience
  2. Answer the Questions (as applicable) to Start Your Project Reference.
  3. Upload All Your Project Documents
  4. Answer the Questions to Complete Your Project Details. 
  5. Use the File Reference field to direct the evaluators to the relevant project document.
  6. Review Your Project Experience
  7. Save and Complete

Please note, when using a project from a Subcontractor, JV Member, or Mentor, you must add them as Team Member or MRCL to your Company Assets before they will be available for reference as the Prime Contractor in Project entry screen.

Functional/Performance Factors are submission specific and must be added to your project experience to earn additional points in the pool being applied for after you have added them to a submission. Make sure to select "Begin" to add your submission factors to receive pool-specific points for your past experience. You can "Modify" them until you submit your offer.  You will be able to reference multiple documents and select or deselect these references as needed. You must link to a file for reference and provide reference keywords/tags/comments.

Step 6: Business Factors

Business Factors are additional assets you claim. These include Systems, Industry Certifications, Clearances, Human Resources information, Financial Documents, and Other Documents that are relevant to your company asset library. For more information, please refer to the article How Business Factors work in Symphony for PolarisThe steps to add Business Factors are:

  1. Select the Business Factor you wish to claim
  2. Answer any questions (as applicable)
  3. Upload your supporting documentation (as applicable)
  4. Certify your claim
  5. Save and Claim

The Business Factors relevant to each pool will be located in your proposal submission. For more information, please refer to How a Proposal works in Symphony for Polaris.

Step 7: Documents

All files that you upload can be viewed in their corresponding folders in the Documents library. A reference to document uploads is attached to this article. Please upload your disclaimer into the Submission Documents upload for each pool submission to attach it to each proposal.

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