Please read this overview to understand how to work within Symphony for the U.S. Department of State Evolve solicitation.  

This list is not exhaustive.  The solicitation should always be used as the source of truth.

Step 1. Start in My Company

Step 2. Add Business Factors 

Step 3. Add Teaming Partners

Step 4. Add Projects

Step 5. Build your Submission


1. Start in My Company

Begin at the My Company link to add all your company’s assets and experience. Information in My Company is reusable across all your proposals. Do not provide duplicate documents for each submission. 


2. Add Business Factors 

In the My Company Business Factors tab, these business factors belong to your company, not a JV member or subcontractor. When you claim a business factor, you can select any or all of the additional factors that may apply, certify and save your claim. These Business Factors are automatically pulled into your proposal. 

What is a Business Factor?

ISO 9001


ISO 20000


ISO/IEC 27001

Attachment J-23 Bidder’s DD Form 254
Facility Clearance
- Key Personnel: IT Management 
- Key Personnel: Cloud & Data Center Services 
- Key Personnel: Application Development Serves 
- Key Personnel: Network & Telecommunication Services 
- Key Personnel: Customer & End User Support Services 

Human Resources1
Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Accessibility (DEIA) Plan
Other Documents
Earned Value Management SystemSystems1
Property Management SystemSystems1


3. Add Teaming Partners

If your company is proposing with other companies, add the team member or MRCL, claim the relevant business factors, and provide the teaming agreements that support the arrangement in the Team Member or MRCL’s Documents tab. A team member or MRCL must be added before being used in a project reference. This list is not exhaustive.  The solicitation should always be used as the source of truth.

What is a Teaming Document?
Joint Venture Information
Team Member1
Meaningful Relationship Certification


4. Add Projects

When you add Projects to My Company, all the project details entered will be considered against the Evolve scorecard as they apply. Your project details will contribute to the Past Experience, Team Size, Distinct Federal Agencies, and Past Performance scoring elements. Some project details are optional but may be required in future solicitations.  This list is not exhaustive.  The solicitation should always be used as the source of truth.

What is a Project Document?
Optional: Adverse Past Performance Information
Past Experience Verification/Relevant Experience Project (REP) Forms
- IT Management - Attachment J-14 
- Cloud & Data Center Services – Attachment J-18 
- Application Development Serves – Attachment J-20 
- Network & Telecommunication Services – Attachment J-16 
- Customer & End User Support Services – Attachment J-26

Past Performance Questionnaires (PPQs)
- IT Management - Attachment J-15 
- Cloud & Data Center Services – Attachment J-19 
- Application Development Serves – Attachment J-21 
- Network & Telecommunication Services – Attachment J-17
- Customer & End User Support Services – Attachment J-22
  • For PPQs that are not part of the Past Performances already added in Symphony’s Past Performance feature, please add the additional PPQs to the Submission Documents feature and select Past Performance Questionnaire (PPQ) so that it is associated with that type of document.  If you have already added a PPQ to a Past Performance in the Past Performances feature, you do not need to add it again.


5. Build your Submission

Go to the dashboard and start your submission. 

  1. Add the team members or MRCLs referenced in any past performance. You can choose to add different team members, MRCLs, or projects to each proposal you create.
  2. Use the Begin or Modify button in the Projects tab to claim the performance factors specific to the Evolve solicitation. Performance factors include the sub-capability areas, hardship location, and agency-wide support scoring elements. Reference the project documents that support your claims and save your changes.


Use the Begin button to add project scope information


When you are finishing your submission, upload your Submission Documents required for the solicitation. This may include the cover letter and table of contents. 

What is a Submission Document?Phase
Attachment J-29 List of Submissions (Declaration of Multiple FC Proposals)1
SF 33/SF 301
Technical Challenge White Paper1

Please use the table below for a quick glance at the Evolve scorecard elements and their location in Symphony.

Scoring Element

Location in Symphony

IDIQ Program Manager (PM)

My Company > Business Factors > Human Resources

Past Experience Size

My Company > Projects > Total Contract Value

Project Team Size

My Company > Projects > Full-Time Equivalents
Scope (sub-capability areas)
Submission > Projects > Performance Factors
Number of Locations
My Company > Projects > Locations

Hardship Post

Submission > Projects > Performance Factors

Agency-wide Support

Submission > Projects > Performance Factors

Distinct Federal Agencies

My Company > Projects > Customer & Agency

Past Performance

My Company > Projects > Past Performance Rating

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Accessibility (DEIA) Plan

My Company > Business Factors > Other Documents

CMMI - Services 

My Company > Business Factors > Certifications

ISO 9001

My Company > Business Factors > Certifications

ISO 20000

My Company > Business Factors > Certifications

ISO/IEC 27001

My Company > Business Factors > Certifications

Earned Value Management System

My Company > Business Factors > Systems


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