The following are some frequently asked questions regarding Symphony.

Business Factors

How do I submit compliant proposal documents for the small business subcontracting requirements?

Please label the correct documents for each Functional category inside the Small Business Participation Commitment folder.

Why does Symphony have an Uncompensated Overtime Policy Business Factor?

It is not a requirement, however, it may be needed for contract management purposes.  We are not validating it, nor are they evaluating it.  You can choose to ignore it.  Please always refer to the solicitation as the source of truth.  

Why is the Trafficking in Persons Compliance Plan still a Business Factor?  

It is not a requirement, however, some users already added this before the Amendment so we did not remove it.  Please always refer to the solicitation as the source of truth.


How are the optional project questions for each REP submitted scored?

They are not requirements and are not scored.  We are not validating them, nor are they evaluating these questions.  You can choose to ignore them.

Where do I add additional Past Performance Questionnaires (PPQ)?

For PPQs that are not part of the Past Performances already added in Symphony’s Past Performance feature, please add the additional PPQs to the Submission Documents feature and select Past Performance Questionnaire (PPQ) so that it is associated with that type of document.  If you have already added a PPQ to a Past Performance in the Past Performances feature, you do not need to add it again.

Why does Symphony ask for Total Contract Value as one project value and ODCs/Indirects as another value?  

The Total Contract Value is inclusive of all ODCs and indirects and then the second amount is subtracted from that to provide the government with the actual value requested by the customer (which is 'Project Labor Total Estimated Value'). The Total Contract Value minus the ODCs is where you will get your score.


Are the Contract Manager and Program Manager positions required by the government or optional?  

It is not a requirement, nor is it scored.  We are not validating it, nor are they evaluating it.  You can choose to ignore it.  It will be needed later if you are awarded a contract.

How do I submit a separate proposal for each functional category submission?

In My Company, you will create all your assets and then from the Dashboard page you will build out your proposals. Each one stands alone even if it reuses certain assets you already created.  When you submit, a snapshot is taken of each proposal and they are their own entities.

If I can demonstrate that the proposal could not be uploaded to the Symphony System, will the Government reimburse all reasonable proposal costs incurred? 
The solicitation specifies that the government is not responsible for any costs associated with proposal preparation. Symphony has supported the solicitation of the biggest GWAC RFPs and on-rampings.  We suggest that you give yourself time and not wait until the last minute so that if you do have any issues, you will have time to contact us and get assistance for any issues you may have.

What are offerors able to do to ensure that Symphony successfully received its proposal?

You will receive a receipt showing everything you submitted as part of each proposal.  If there is ever a question, the system logs every action. Additionally, regardless of the validation messages we provide, Symphony never prevents you from submitting your proposal.  


When do I add Team Members to My Company?

Team members who are JV Members who are part of the JV you are proposing, or Subcontractors for whom you are submitting for project experience would go in Team Members.  If the organization you are adding is for a type of relationship as listed in the MRCL drop-down, please use the MRCLs.  


If you still need help, contact us.

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